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  • Angie Lane

Midwest Modern Moments- John Mellencamp

Is there anyone more of a Midwestern icon than John Mellencamp? No. Are there any 2 people better to discuss this topic than me and my friend Kristen? No. We're basically female John Mellencamps: worldly, smart, trying to better the world, getting crusty with age in a good way, and there's no where we'd rather be than the Midwest. Watch the video for a surprisingly awkward conversation between old friends and scroll way down for the Little Pink Champagne Houses cocktail!

We all know John Mellencamp's music. Of course that's how we were all introduced to him. He was my first celebrity crush. For me it was seeing him on the cover of his records in TG&Y stores and then seeing him in videos in those bygone days of MTV. And now 40 years later, I still have a crush on the guy but in a much more adult way.

The Wiki version of JM is basically this: American musician, singer-songwriter, painter, actor, and one of the founders of Farm Aid. And if all you think of with JM is Small Town and Farm Aid, you think "Midwestern bumpkin". But look a little deeper and JM is totally a Midwest Modernist: anything but a bumpkin, intense work ethic, advocate for what he believes in, but with a low-key mind your own business attitude, has been around the world but chooses to live in his home state of Indiana. Farm Aid is in it's 35th year. Out of all those 80's Aids, only Farm Aid is left and every year JM is still a key figure.

From a moral standpoint, John Mellencamp seems pretty admirable. From a visual standpoint, his art is good. Granted I'm not an art snob or any kind of expert but he seems to be a legit artist whereas I think many celebrities have hobbies that rest on the laurels of their celebrity or put their name on brands that others run for them. JM's art has an authenticity and a dark vibe that I appreciate.

You can go to to find out more about where JM's art is showing and what pieces are available. Keep scrolling for the cocktail...!

Came up with this cocktail while pulling fabrics for a project and listening to some JM on vinyl. 'Uh Huh' will forever be my favorite record of all time because I wanted it so badly as a kid and my parents definitely did not spend money on music. Anyways, put on your favorite record and kick back with a cold one. Cheers!